Fils Calas

My name is Fils Calas. Florida has been my home almost from the day I was born screaming into this world. I have 2 Bachelor’s Degrees, albeit in fields that I enjoy as hobbies (Psychology and Philosophy). I am a natural critical thinker and problem solver. I am responsible for all the writing on this website so you probably know me by now. Before becoming a realtor and starting Next Level Homes I was building a real estate portfolio. From this venture, I have managed properties, have done flips and renovations, and I even own a home here. I have learned real estate from an investment perspective and a personal one. And honestly, I don't believe any of this makes me more or less qualified. I happen to believe most companies do good work. I just want to assure you that I am one of them. I am knowledgeable, accessible, and very hands-on with my listings and purchases. I am here to help!


Nadia Kaminskaya & The Marketing Team

Our in-house marketing team specializes in real estate marketing to improve the selling process for home sellers and buyers.